The Afro-Semitic Experience played in the park by Mitchell Library in the Westville section of New Haven this past Monday.  A good crowd turned out and there was a lot of dancing and celebration.  Warren sang many of the songs that we are working on for our new CD and in general we had a blast.

David Sepulveda of the New Haven Indepedent shared some of his photos of the concert with us.  Here are some of our favorites from the night:

The Road that Heals the Splintered Soul

dancing to the sounds of the Afro-Semitic Experience

The band broke into a Klezmer tune and it seemed like the entire audience got up in a circle and started dancing.  It was a beautiful sight.

Happy concert goers enjoying a great evening.
 There was a good turnout for the event--it seemed like every community in New Haven was represented.

 Saskia Laroo, our amazing trumpet player, never lets anything stand in the way of giving a good performance (she forgot her music stand, but that did not stop her for one second).

 Warren sounded great both on keyboard and in his singing.  He was in the zone that night.  You can see how relaxed and intense he looks.

 The dancing was such a great part of the night.  And everyone in New Haven knows that when this guy is at a show there WILL BE DANCING!!

Alvin Carter, Jr. and Alvin Carter, Sr.--the heartbeat of the band

Thanks again to David Sepulveda for documenting this magical night of music and community

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